Saturday, November 26, 2011

Selena Gomez with Justin Biber

Selena Gomez with Justin Biber
hot and sexy selena gomez, hot selena gomez in bikini, hot selena gomez wallpapers and photos, hot selena gomez boobs/breastsMtv caught up with Justin Bieber in Atlanta at one of his many charity events and he gave a scoop on his “friend” Selena Gomez for a change. You can catch the whole his whole comment at the bottom of this post, but here are a few select highlights from it.

The more they talk about each other and the more cryptic they become, the more rumors will happen. I think they should just stay quite about each other of they do not want to world to talk about them. Leave it to the public to come up with their own answers. I think that would be the best way for them to handle it. What do you think of Justin and Selena? Should they avoid the topic of love? I think they should if they won’t commit on either way

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