Friday, November 25, 2011

Bengali cinema Star Chandrayee Ghosh

Bengali cinema Star Chandrayee Ghosh

Chandrayee Ghosh is one of ultimate hot Bengali female actress who is much popular in Bengali Television and cinema industry. This hot cinema star enter in to Bengali cinema by appearing "Tista" movie which was directed by famous Bengali director Sekhar Das in 2005. After the success of Tista she acted several blockbuster projects in Bengali cinema and most of them are successful. Apart from being cinema star she put her steps in to Indian regional television sector and acted several television series roles. She was much popular in cinema as well as Bengali megaserials in same time. In 2005 this hot cinema star Chandrayee Ghosh won Most Promising actress award in BFJA for her performance in Mahulbonir Sereng. She has worked with some of the most celebrated directors and actors in Indian cinema and this hot Indian lady has diverse talents on performance arts.

Some selected films of Chandrayee Ghosh
  1. Hatey Roilo Pistol
  2. Kaaler Rakhal
  3. Kaal
  4. Dosar
  5. Manush Bhut
  6. Tista
  7. Mahulbonir Sereng
  8. Bandhobi

Some Beautiful pictures of Bengali cinema Star Chandrayee Ghosh

cinema Star  cinema Star   
cinema Star  cinema Star  cinema Star 
Chandrayee Ghosh    Chandrayee Ghosh 
  Chandrayee Ghosh   

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