Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jennifer Lopez is not exactly the most popular in America.

Jennifer Lopez Hot Video

Though in this country seems about as Jennifer Lopez is not exactly the most popular in America. Okay, cough on euphemisms. About Jennifer in America, nearly everyone thinks is bad selfish cow, which needs a special staff to hold his coat. Despite or perhaps because Jennifer sat on the jury of a new edition of the American superstar.

There also sits with her air singer Steven Tyler of Aero smith, so it is for Americans a little freak show, while beside him sits a woman with the biggest ass in the world and the guy with the biggest mouth in the world. But back to Julio. It is the jury acts as a surprisingly nasty selfish cow. When does a couple of people tried to audition to sing a song from her, she told them, but said that it wants more. And he explicitly does not want anyone to sing her songs at any stage of the competition.

Sure. So I just found a couple of people who sang it better than her, that she probably likes it. Because it does not overshadow anyone. So soon as the prohibition of singing their songs, then it will ban dance song ... then the competition will be allowed no girls from Puerto Rico and eventually singing and dancing to disable security altogether. And he wins the competition, which will be in the presence of J. Lo no more than sit, silently, and as religious expression. I guess it looks.

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