Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Picture of Bangladeshi model Nadia Khanam Nodi

Promising model Nadia Nodi started her career in the media by performing in
television commercial ‘Banglalink seven FnF,’ directed by Tanvir Hasan.

Then she performed in many TVCs like Amitav Reza’s ‘Frootika juice,’ Ashfaq
Uzzaman’s Pepsodent and others one after another. By performing in those
television commercials Nodi attached herself in the media to strengthen her

But recently her performed TVC of ‘Jui coconut oil’ helped her to come into
limelight in the media. The TVC also became popular to all. In the TVC, she
worked against Arefin Shuvo with the direction by Amitav Reza. Basically her
artistic appearance in the TVC is attracted to all.

While sharing her feelings to work in the TVC Nadia Nodi told this
correspondent, “I am grateful to Amitav bhai as he gave me opportunity to
perform in such television commercial. I have already got huge responses from
the viewers by performing in this TVC. My co-artiste Arefin Shuvo also helped
me to perform in it.”

Nadia Nodi debutante as an actress by drama ‘O My God,’ directed by Mostafa
Kamal Raz. But she became popularity by performing in drama serial ‘Fifty 50,’
directed by Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi. Now she is working in drama serial ‘Aamar
Kachhe Kichhu Megh Achhe,’ which is giving direction by Aronyo Anwar. In the
serial, she is performing in the role of adolescent bride.

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